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"Dedicated to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)"
This page was last updated January 14th 2015

  Wowbagger wishes you an unbelievably decadent day!

This is the home base of fiction's most insulting person, Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged, inspired by Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books.
It allows for creative insults of both friendly and truly insulting nature to be generated in a variety of the world's languages.

There is no more insulting place on the evidenced by the 21,106 insults created so far!


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Feel free to use the PayPal "donate" button if you think that might get Wowbagger's insults removed from the web ;-)

I am looking for people to help me extend the Wowbagger library by adding insults in Sami, Latin, Catalan, Romanian, Frisian, Faeroese, Slovak, Swahili, Norwegian, Danish, Albanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Swiss German, Greek, Turkish, Irish, Bulgarian, Slovene, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and your language! Feel free to contact me using the button in the menu above.


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